Presentation event in Warsaw

An event to promote the program’s vegetable productswas held on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 18:00, in a hall of the Golden Tulip Warsaw Center Hotel, Towarowa 2, 00-811, in Warsaw, Poland. More than 60 guests attended, including journalists, distributors and  food industry professionals. Speeches were made by Mr. Liakopoulos Apostolos, representative of NOVACERT, Mr. Sigourakis Spyros and Tsimpragakis Vangelis, who in their speech referred to the products of the program’s operators, their way of production as well as their special characteristics, as well as detailed data regarding the way of their production and distribution. From his behalf, Mr. Daniel Zynder analyzed  data of the Polish market regarding vegetable products. After the event, a dinner was served to the guests, based on the vegetable products of the program, where the guests had the opportunity to taste them.

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