Presentation event in Berlin

An event featuring the program’s vegetable products was held on February 6, 2020 at 18:30, in a hall of the Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz in Otto-Braun Strase 90, 10249, Berlin. More than 70 guests attended, including journalists, distributors and other food industry professionals. The event was addressed by Mr. Charalambos Kounalakis, Economic and Commercial Affairs Advisor of the Consulate of Berlin, in which he analyzed the data and trends prevailing regarding the selection of products in the German market. Speeches were also made by Mr. Stergiou Ioannis, Commercial Director of NOVACERT, Mr. Sigourakis Spyros, who in his speech referred to the products of the program’s operators, their production method as well as their special characteristics and then Mr. Tsimpragakis Evangelos, presented detailed data on how they are produced and sold. Also, Ms. Ismini Politou, a nutritionist, presented the importance of the nutritional value of vegetable products and the Mediterranean diet. Mr. Stoikos Leonidas closed the cycle of speeches, analyzing the data of the German market, regarding vegetable products. After the speeches, dinner was served to the guests, based on the vegetable products of the program, where the guests had the opportunity to taste them.

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