Information event in Thessaloniki, Greece

On Friday, April 12, 2019, at 19:30, an event was held to promote the vegetable products of the Vegiterraneo program at the MET HOTEL(26th October Str. 48, Thessaloniki). More than 70 guests attended, including journalists, fresh produce distributors and food industry professionals. Speeches were given by Mr. Tamparopoulos Athanasios, General Manager of NOVACERT, Mr. Sigourakis Spyros and Mr. Tsimpragakis Vangelis. They all referred to the products of the program’s operators, their production methods and special characteristics. Then Mr. Chalkias George, presented detailed data on how fresh tomatoes, aubergines, cucumber and peppers are produced and ditributed to the world’s markets. The event was concluded by Mr. Liakopoulos Apostolos, Head of the Promotion and Promotion Department of NOVACERT, who referred to the objectives of the program, its positive results. Mr Liakopoulos presented short videos, which described different stages from production, to packaging and distribution. After the event, dinner was served to the guests, based on the vegetable products of the program, where the guests had the opportunity to taste them.

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